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Happiness in Slavery / Deep / We're In This Together

Hey all. I just wanted to alert you, if you care to three interesting NIN-related auctions currently going on.

Happiness In Slavery 12" 4-song promo
This 1992 record is arguably the rarest Nine Inch Nails release to have exclusive tracks. It contains four versions of Happiness In Slavery, one of the band's best songs:

1. Happiness in Slavery (Fixed Version) 6:09
2. Happiness in Slavery (Sherwood Slave Remix) 2:17

1. Happiness in Slavery (PK Slavery Remix) 5:41
2. Happiness in Slavery (Broken Version) 5:21

The Sherwood and PK versions cannot be found *ANYWHERE* else on any NIN release. This 12" EP/single was never given commercial release, but was only given to very select DJs and radio stations. It is stamped with the label "VIP ADVANCE COPY" and is in a plain black sleeve.

Deep CD 2-song CD single
This is a 2-track promo CD single of the song "Deep" by Nine Inch Nails. This song is NOT available on any NIN album, and was exclusive to the Tomb Raider soundtrack. The song is a powerful, throbbing single from 2001, and is available here in both its Radio Edit and Full Length versions.

We're In This Together CD single, pt. 1
This is NIN's Halo 15, the rare single for "We're In This Together" from their 1999 album The Fragile. The CD was released in three different versions, and this is part 1. Its track listing is

1. We're In This Together
2. 10 Miles High
3. The New Flesh

Apologies if this is spammy. I just know that I'm always on the lookout for rare music myself, and I figure this might be of interest to someone here. Thanks.
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